Garrett Blackmon

Garrett Blackmon

Full Stack Developer

[email protected]

+1 (334) 714-9838

Birmingham, AL 35022

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About Me

Hello, I'm Garrett. I'm a full stack web developer currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. I enjoy making stylish, performant, responsive, and search engine optimized websites.

NodeJS Serverless Framework AWS VueJS Python Bash Microservices Webpack SEO

Hobbies and Interests


Open Source / *nix

I am a supporter of the open source ideology. I believe that most code should be free to use and contribute to.



Speedrunning is the act of beating a videogame as quickly as possible. Watching a seasoned speedrunner beat your favorite game is a treat.


Craft Beer

Beer is great! It's even better enjoyed with a small group of friends over a board game at your local brewry. Porter/Stout man.